Think Tank: 

As a research center for financing growth, we aim for a sustainable presence in the international scientific community. Our requirement is to balance the criteria of science and practical relevance. This is achieved by using our interaction platforms for discourse on relevant subjects. We develop our research topics through continuing dialogue with decision makers and knowledge experts. This exchange is the source of our ideas, is the benchmark of our approach, and is an essential component of our activities.     


Entrepreneurship: Source and Guarantor of Growth  

Growth is generated only if previous practices are reconsidered, and risk-entailing decisions for the future are made. Therefore, all interest groups participating in a company must see themselves as “entrepreneurs”, and should align their activities toward the long-term value of the firm. This emphasis on entrepreneurial behavior implies an increase in the subjectively perceived risk of each individual. Factors that contribute to a minimization of risk are the creation of mutual trust, as well as the dissemination of knowledge and capabilities between the actors involved in the growth process. These two essential topics, thereby, constitute the core of our research.


Our Direct Environment Is the Ideal Laboratory:

The entrepreneurial spirit and the innovative capacity of the region of Heilbronn continue to inspire us. Many of our ideas for research result from observation and reflection of this dynamic environment. We adopt the topics that result, and develop them at a high scientific level. Thus, we contribute to the national visibility of our location as a “center of entrepreneurship”.