The GGS Heilbronn 


The German Graduate School is Germany‘s innovative business school for management and corporate law. As a University strong in research, with corresponding ties to practice, the GGS follows international standards of quality. The core competency lies in part-time education and professional development  , divided into the areas of Studies, Research, and Executive Education.  

The part-time master’s programs are constructed according to the methodology of “Real Life Learning”. The academic strength of internationally recognized professors and lecturers are enhanced by a modern physical infrastructure, and together they establish an environment of energy, creativity, and challenge that is ideal for learning and working.

The relationship to practice also plays an important role in research activities—activities that are centered on the topics of innovation, entrepreneurship and compliance. 

The GGS continuing education programs are oriented toward the individual needs of companies, and the programs are offered in a variety of formats—on ground lectures, online seminars, idea-intensive courses, training courses, and coaching . 


The Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn


As one of the major venture capital providers in Germany, with a fund volume in the three-digit-million euro range , the Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn (ZFHN) predominantly affects investments as lead investor, within a magnitude range of EUR 0.5  to 10 million.

The goal of the ZFHN is to support young, innovative, and promising businesses in their corporate development by providing them with guidance, know-how, and capital from the very beginning. The Zukunftsfonds’ capital does not come from investment funds, banks, savings banks, or state capital. Instead, the services are privately funded to ensure the long-term financing and development of enterprises.

The work of ZFHN focuses on a range of industry sectors: automation and electronics, energy and environment, IT and communications, life sciences, materials sciences, and nanotechnology.