The key research areas of the Investment Lab Heilbronn address the relationship between established companies and capital market actors on the one hand, and the relationship between newly founded companies and investors on the other hand. Hereby we examine the importance of the personality of the relationship partners and the importance of trust between them. This observation is carried out on both the interpersonal relationship level and on the institutionalized organizational level. For instance on the interpersonal level, we look how the personality of a firm’s CEO is valued by financial analysts. In addition, in the context of investor relationship, we examine how trust and trust asymmetries between the corporate executives and investors impact the exchange of information. In respect to the interaction between newly founded firms, start-ups, and investors we focus on the importance and development of the founding team’s skills. Thus, for example, we examine the influence of founders‘ skills on the investment decision process of the investors. Furthermore, in this context, the exchange of knowledge and skills is essential.  Founders do not only benefit from the personal knowledge of an investor but for instance in the case of Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) investments they get access to contact partners  and experiences of the entire corporation.  Interpersonal and inter-organizational factors, which affect the quality of this exchange, are part of our research. You find more detailed information about the specific research topics under the respective title.