What does research mean to us?


For the research team at the Investment Lab, research means:


Passion—to search for answers to interesting questions in management and entrepreneurship. Drive—to compete with likeminded researchers. 

Hard work—to gather and analyze data in order to generate high quality results. 

Pride—to create generally valid insights, thus advancing society’s state of knowledge.


We refine the resulting insights through discourse with other researchers. In order to guarantee the practical relevance of our research topics and results, we maintain a continuous dialogue with leaders of the corporate world.  


Which research methods do we employ?


Creating new knowledge requires a dedicated examination of the current state of research. Through a systematic analysis of content of extant scientific work in our field of study, we identify unanswered research questions: The core of our scientific work. Our focus on interaction processes in a network that includes investors and founders builds on the necessity of gaining insights through direct exchange with both groups. Therefore, the gathering of primary data, qualitative as well as quantitative, is of decisive importance for our research. Typical mechanisms for gathering primary data include interviews, textual analysis, standardized surveys, and experimental studies.

Simultaneously, our focus on interaction processes implies that we address the dynamic development of investor and founder relations. These processes can only be investigated methodologically through longitudinal studies. Therefore, our goal is to gather primary data continually, and over time.


What do we research?


The Investment Lab’s topics of research can be divided into the three levels of interaction—the interpersonal, the intra-organizational, and the extra-organizational.