Gewinner des Wandels

Change winners

Ours is a world of constant change. Driven by technological advances and increasing globalization, companies are permanently having to adapt their business models to dynamic challenges. Anyone not proactively squaring up to change risks forfeiting their position in the market. There are many noteworthy examples of this, companies who once held a strong market position but lost their economic foundations by not managing to change sufficiently. By contrast, the corporations that see change as an opportunity and actively calibrate their product portfolios and processes accordingly emerge as the “change winners”.


IAt the very first Equity Forum on October 12, 2011 six publicly-listed German corporations who can all rightfully claim to be change winners presented. GFT AG has gradually morphed from Webdesign and IT service provider into a specialist for IT services in the financial and logistics sector. As a systems house, Datagroup AG increasingly focuses on more discerning and thus more profitable services. Realtech AG is busy with its long-standing partner SAP AG in expanding its high-yield and fast-growth software business and thus counteracting the increasing price squeeze in its second core area of IT services. Manz AG is profiting from several megatrends at once: as a provider of automation technology for manufacturing Touchscreens, solar modules and Lithium batteries for electric cars. init AG is benefiting from increasing urbanization and the related expansion of public local transport, emerging as the world’s leading provider of telematics and pay-systems for buses and railways. PWO AG has, by contrast, successfully developed into a systems provider in the automotive components industry and has gained considerable market share for big-ticket accounts.


Presentations were made by:

GFT AG – Dr. Jochen Rütz / CFO
DATAGROUP AG – Max H.-H. Schaber / CEO
Manz AG – Martin Hipp / CFO
REALTECH AG – Dr. Rudolf Caspary / CEO
Init AG – Bernhard Smolka / CFO
PWO AG – Bernd Bartmann / CFO