Cancer Immunotherapy - a STANDARD emerging!


Cancer immunotherapy, a new field in the treatment of tumor diseases, enables physicians to deploy the powers of the immune system in the treatment of cancer. Our body has an enormous arsenal of natural defense mechanisms to combat diseases and foreign agents, and also to fight off newly formed cancer cells. However, if tumor cells succeed in evading these sophisticated defense mechanisms, cancer can spread uncontrollably. With novel immuno-therapeutics, it is possible to specifically manipulate signaling pathways at so-called immune checkpoints in order to release the «cellular brake» on the pathway again. To date, no other therapeutic approach provides comparable results. In the eyes of many experts, immunotherapy is destined to be a pivotal technology in the treatment of cancer. Research and development are in full swing, increasing the repertoire of immunotherapies in cancer exponentially.How will patients benefit from these novel treatment regimes longer term? Will the rich pipelines of already well-positioned «Big Pharma» companies continue to dominate this field? What role will biotech companies developing innovative immunotherapeutic cancer therapies play? These questions will be the focus of the 6th Equity Forum in Heilbronn, jointly organized by the Investment Lab Heilbronn and Apus Capital. We are bringing together leading biotech and pharmaceutical players in the field of cancer immunotherapy — publicly listed as well as non-listed companies. The presentation language at this year's Equity Forum is English.